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Haku Kitchin

Operator: Umesh

Cuisine: Japanese

Favourite dishes: Salmon Grilled Sushi, Yakisoba and Gyoza

My Story

Haku Kitchin was founded by Umesh Bhandari due to his love and passion for Japanese Food. Having grown up in Kathmandu, Nepal, Umesh has always enjoyed travelling and exploring the food and culture of different places. His main inspiration for cooking came from his mom. As a young boy he loved watching her cook and that’s how he found the passion for cooking that he carries with him everyday. He has had experience in various cuisines, but mostly specialises on Asian food. Using his years of experience, Umesh has created the perfect menu at Haku Kitchin with delicious flavours for everyone to enjoy. His favourite dishes include the Salmon Grilled Sushi, Crunchy Spicy Timur (szechuan pepper) Squid and Gyoza.. 


The food at Haku Kitchin takes inspiration from Umesh’s childhood. He gained knowledge watching his parents cook growing up and has brought these traditions and techniques into the menu. Umesh believes that it is important to respect the environment and this is shown through the dishes at Haku Kitchin. All food is served on biodegradable plates and there is a variety of vegan dishes available, such as the Camden Asparagus Roll of asparagus, fresh mango, avocado, Sriracha, bread crumbs and vegan mayonnaise, glazed with homemade teriyaki sauce or the Haku Pumpkin Bento with pumpkin katsu, rice, vegetables, spring onion, mokie beans, red chilli, cherry tomato and sesame seeds.

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