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Discover a collection of independent outlets, showcasing the very best of Asian homestyle cooking, including Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian & Chinese dim sum.


The point of difference within Tai Pan Alley compared to other foodcourts in London, is that we are celebrating the home-cooks. The purpose of each outlet is to bring Londoners an authentic taste of the owner’s respective home country and region. Tai Pan Alley aims to bring together and provide opportunities for aspiring chefs and home-cooks who have not yet had the opportunity to showcase their culinary talents on a wider stage.


These aspiring chefs are usually found producing incredible food in the privacy of their own home, the food of childhood memories and creature comforts, which will now be available to the public.

BAO Shack

Soft, pillowy and delicious - the perfect Bao is here in Camden.

With incredible fillings taking inspiration from all over Asia, BAO shack brings exceptional flavour.


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BAO SHACK LOGO - Taiwanese restaurant Lo
Tai Pan Alley - Viet Saigon.jpg
Tai Pan Alley - Viet Saigon.jpg
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Thai Thai

 Taking inspiration and techniques from his upbringing and experiences, we cook authentic Thai food with a twist that everyone from a Londoner to a local Thai diner will enjoy.

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THAI THAI -Thai restaurant Camden
Tai Pan Alley - Haku Kitchin.jpg

Haku Kitchin

Having grown up in Kathmandu, Nepal, Umesh has always enjoyed travelling and exploring food and culture. His main inspiration for cooking came from his mom. As a young boy he loved watching her cook and that’s how he found the passion he carries with him today. 

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